Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Little Before & After

I had already removed the hardware and filled the holes I no longer needed.

All done and ready to go out into the big bright world.

I haven't used my D60 to take pictures in the store since I dropped it and subsequently broke my 55-200 lens. These were taken using my Fuji Finepix circa 2003. I remember paying over $400 for it back then. You can get a better Finepix now for half the price.

It has been a busy week. Sales are down which isn't unexpected but I have been busy in the paint room and acquiring new pieces. The hunt for quality paintable antiques (I don't generally paint anything older than the 20's or 30's) is very time consuming. It is also sometimes awkward. If I am not finding good stuff at the small auctions we have up here or unable to get to Vancouver for a larger auction, then I am buying privately. People can sometimes be unrealistic about the amount they want for the item they are selling. I generally will find something online for sale from our local homepage website. I will communicate via email expressing my desire to, in the event of an unsuccessful sale, offer a much lower amount. I leave the ball in their court and wait until they contact me. I don't like to barter ...but it is essential at finding quality, affordable pieces that I can convert to the finished product. I have been hired to paint of couple of pieces that somebody already owns that has been keeping me busy also.

When the store is quiet it is a good time to do a big clean, rearrange and merchandise new product. I am expecting a new bath and body line from London and my first spring home decor order so I will be busy unpacking.

If I wasn't so tired I would write about the inauguration and at the risk of sounding like a collective broken record, I was moved. Inspired. Hopeful. Obama is a global President. And although he doesn't run this country he certainly makes me feel more excited for the future than the ones that do.

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becomingkate said...

Beautiful! I can't stand cheap dressers, and choose to go without until I get something of better quality. Yours are so gorgeous.