Friday, January 23, 2009

Ask. Receive. Panic.

So you have only heard me bitch about my expensive frat house apartment once ...but I am pretty much always complaining about it. I had already contacted the property management office that acts on behalf of the owner of my condo. Armed with my arsenal of complaints they agreed to look for a new tenant to release me from the lease. There is such a flood of apartments/condos in this city people pretty much have their pick so I wasn't hopeful someone would rent this one in a timely manner. Yesterday I got a call from the property manager telling me she had someone very interested but the condition was that she needed February 1 occupancy. I didn't want to push my luck so I agreed. Then I panicked. I have 8 days to locate a new place (must be a house with an attached garage so I can paint at home instead of having to spend endless hours at the store) and move. So yeah ...the heat is on. Wish me luck ...or send condolences because this could very well kill me.