Saturday, January 24, 2009

Movin' On Up

Frat party that spilled into the hall in my expensive condo

I took this photo using my freshly dropped D60 using the regular lens. I wish I had had the zoom lens because if you could see, up close, the look on this guys face was almost worth the grief they gave me that night with their loud, obnoxious partying at 1:30am. He was actually trying to be pleasant pleasant as a drunk guy could be.

I am no longer homeless. It was a struggle to find just what I wanted right at the end of the month but I was successful. I truly believe, and it has proven itself over and over and over again, in the power of thought ...whether it be positive or negative. I was determined to get out of my lease. I could not see myself living here anymore. It would have and will get worse as the better weather approaches. I love my apartment and if I could have cut out the section that I occupy and plunk it down somewhere else I would have been tickled. But the truth of it is that almost every condo project in this city has basically the same problem. A vast majority of the tenants are students and with summer coming there will be an influx of more 20 somethings moving to town. I knew what I needed was a house.

I was successful at getting out of my lease but that gave me one week to find a home. For the last 2-3 days I have been on a mission. I have seen houses, with garages, in good neighborhoods but at the end of the day ...they were too much house. Even if I took in a roommate. Some were just too far, too large, too expensive ...and not one could I picture myself living in. I was to meet one last Realtor for the day yesterday and it was another house in Westbank which is only 20 minutes from Kelowna. When he called to push up our appointment I told him that I decided not to waste his time because I just didn't want to live that far out of town he urged me to keep our appointment. The new bridge that crosses the lake has totally eliminated rushour traffic. It really is just 18 minutes door to door. Kelly pushed me to keep the appointment also so I went. Just as I expected it was not a good fit for me. I chatted up the Realtor managing the property expressing my wish list of a small house for one but with a big garage ...a totally unrealistic list really. His face took on a pondering expression and he said ...I have a friend.

Two hours later I was looking at this quaint carriage house. The true version of a carriage house is a "garage" where the carriage and driver resided back in the day. Living quarters were above the large garage that held the carriage. Kelowna has a grandfather clause that allows people living in the downtown core to build these "carriage houses" in behind their house and have legal living quarters above. I fell in love. It is small and cozy and with my touch it will be my sanctuary. And the best part ...I have the garage I wanted so I can paint furniture at home and not be at my store 15 hours a day. Oh ...and ...I can walk to my store. It is less than a 3 minute walk. I can see the stores rear parking from my front door ...which is in the alley. I sign the lease today at noon and I have permission to paint - the last yahoos that rented were not respectful of the place and it needs a freshening up and a good cleaning kind of cleaning.

Another perk? Yeah ...I am saving $600 a month.

It goes to show you that opportunity comes in different disguises. There is always a reason for everything and it is mostly a manifistation of our thoughts, desires and yes, fears. We can't control how they are delivered but we are in control of what we do with them.

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Wow! Your new place sounds perfect!