Thursday, January 29, 2009

Out Like A Lion

Just moments after I posted yesterdays entry a convoy of fire trucks rounded the corner and then into our complex...well the first one did and the 2 that followed hovered around the entrance. An ambulance arrived shortly after and a few more fire trucks after that. Even the ladder truck. There was no immediate hauling of the hoses or no visible flames shooting from a window. I couldn't of course see the entire building as there is one between mine and the one involved. I counted 5 firetrucks including the ladder truck. The trucks weren't leaving after a short while and my curiosity got the better of me.

I dressed and went outside in below freezing weather and all the tenants of the involved building we shivering outside ...some lucky to have a hoodie, or is it hoody, and a pair of shoes. As it happened there was a small kitchen fire on the second floor and the sprinklers came on which distinguished the fire immediately but kept on sprinkling ...flooding the apartment over 6 inches in just a few minutes with more coming. Meanwhile it is leaking down the hall and down through the baseboards and leaking to the 1st floor. In all 10 apartments were damaged ...4 severly. A few of those apartments had tenants and so many tenants never think about insurance. If you own you can't get a mortgage without insurance but tenants contents are not covered under the owners insurance.

For around $30 and up per month, depending on your valuation, you can insure yourself and your belongings with tenant insurance to be covered against this kind of unforseen disaster. With the way these condos are popping up so fast they must be no better than glued together would be silly not to insure you and your belongings.

Just one more reason I am glad to be leaving here. I get nervous when I am counting on the same person that will throw a used condom off their balcony to be responsible with cigarettes, candles and electrical appliances.

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becomingkate said...

Tenant insurance is a must!