Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hooked UP!

It is hard being without the internet, cable TV and the phone. From Friday until this morning I was without all of them. In between unpacking and cleaning I watched 4 movies, which is not the same. I need me some evening news. I would have been beside myself if I wasn't able to watch American Idol tonight.

So here I am in my new shack. I love it even though it isn't the fancy granite counter tops and the stainless appliances or a nice new high efficiency stacking laundry pair but it has a nice big soaker tub, the water pressure is good and I totally love my slanted ceiling bedroom. I am starting to nest most definitely.

The above shots are just 2 of a good 2 dozen shots Kelly had done of her jewelry. The photographer is so good for an amateur and his wife is gorgeous. Kelly is addicted. It is so neat to see your work like it is presented here. It almost makes us feel professional ...which we are of course but seeing it in print is so different - it gives the jewelry validity. When I see my furniture or the goodies I have in the store in print it makes me feel ...successful. Feeling and looking successful is half the battle of BEING successful. Its like the newbie realtor driving around in a rented BMW while showing real estate to potential clients. Looking the part gives you an upper hand I think.

Glad to be back online ...but its time for dinner ...I am starving!

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becomingkate said...

Love those jewelry pieces!