Monday, February 9, 2009

Settling In

It has been just over a week since I moved into my new digs. And I love it. I am not surprised.

Even though the old place was new, had high-end finishes with brand new appliances and a view of the rolling orchard fields all I felt when I was there was resentment. I resented the twentysomethings that were void of basic respect that is expected when living in a communal environment. Parties, open vulgarity (not respecting the presence of a woman in the elevator and using foul language - my Dad would have put those punks in their place), vandalism (my truck was broken into two nights before I moved ...I thought nothing was taken until I went to put on my prescription sunglasses), and did I mention the parties? There was so much more and my resentment was fueled by every little thing that I knew I could no longer live there.

So here I am in my new place. It is a 3 year old carriage house in the first block that tranistions the downtown area to residential and it faces the alley. Yeah, a totally different breed of human being lives down here. What I love is that it is an old neighbourhood, I live on the second floor and I am surrounded by trees which means lots of filtered light and a nice breeze without fearing my windows open. It is quiet. I don't share a bedroom wall with the lucky bastard that lived next door to me and I have a garage. A nice garage where I can paint furniture. This thrills me more than I can say.

I am still nesting but when I am done I will put up some before and afters. The past tenants were disgusting.